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About Us

Research Hub and Data Centre Africa is a registered company limited by liability which seeks to give local insights about social, economic and political aspects. It achieves this by connecting international businesses with government ministries, NGOs and local communities through research, design and delivery of integrated solutions that create shared value from board member to community member. RHDCA was established in an effort to generate additional funds and incomes to sustain growth of Students Support and Philanthropy Program (SSPP) in the delivery of impactful projects to the vulnerable.


Local insights


Hands on implementation


Tailored Program design

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Cooperate social responsibility

Local Insights Hands on Implementation Tailored Program design
  • Conduct field research
  • Perform data collection
  • Run Statistical analysis
  • Prepare benchmarking
  • Prepare custom reports
  • Publish annual reports
  • Author market insights
  • Market information system services
  • Draft implementation plans
  • Mobilize field resources
  • Drive Program management
  • Facilitate workshops
  • Lobby for legislation
  • Up-skill customers’ local teams
  • Prepare M&E impact reports
  • Define local strategies
  • Assis project prioritization
  • Draft Program proposals
  • Design local pilots
  • Tailor blueprint models
  • Assist local team building
  • Connect with communities

Offerings to students (Bachelors, Masters and PHD students) at affordable prices


  • Assistance in research proposal writing
  • Research proposal training
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Assistance in report writing
  • Report writing training

Other Services We Provide


Capacity Building for Staff Members

This is directly through on-job trainings from immediate supervisors who are always willing to share knowledge. Further still, scheduled trainings are always conducted to improve the knowledge and skills of the staff members. Team building is key at RHDCA and this has erased various barriers

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We do trainings in grant and research proposal writing. This is exclusive to students, business owners, NGO fraternity, government entities and any other interested party. These trainings provide knowledge and skill to the recipients which is a stepping stone in their various careers and establishments.

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Videography and Documentation

The Hub runs a sophisticated, well equipped productions unit that enables clients show and represent what they do in both pictorial and video format. With the best well skilled and trained staff, the Research HUB will tell your story the way you would have wished it to be told (with the utmost truth)

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Our unique selling points

At RHDCA, we strive to connect international business with government ministries, NGOs and local communities to create shared value from board member to community member and in so doing, we are greatly equipped with the usage of emerging software and technologies and this does not pertain to the data specialist only but to every team member. These software packages (Dedoose, SPSS, STATA, Epi data, ODK) help in the smooth running of our activities which in return suites the interests of our clients. They include; Dedoose: It is a simpler way of analysing qualitative data in a more organized way and the fact that it is cloud based, our ability to use it effectively is driving the team in a more digitalized direction.

Open Data Kit (ODK): This is an electronic data collection tool which eliminates data entry as the data is entered as it is being collected saving time and resources. Paper questionnaires are phased out at RHDCA and we are thus contributing to environment conservation indirectly by using ODK which has greatly helped us reduce on time that would be spent on data entry and associated costs of printing.





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